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Everything Happens For A Reason (And You'll Be Okay)

Everything Happens For A Reason (And You'll Be Okay)

Life is full of moments that shake us up, throw us for a giant loop, tear us down, and punch us repeatedly in the throat.

Sometimes things happen to us that seem horrible, painful, unfair, and heartbreaking.

Too many times do people enter our lives and we believe that those people will stay forever. We cannot imagine life without them--there IS no life without them. When you imagine your future you imagine a future with the other person in mind.

These things don't happen by chance--not by bad luck. Every single thing--good AND bad--absolutely happens for a reason.

These things that seem so heartbreaking and painful at first--often times for a LONG matter of time--seem to have no shot at getting better.

Things will never look up. Life as we know it is absolutely destroyed and our happiness will never return. 

Upon reflection of these very painful events and circumstances, however, we can realize that without overcoming these obstacles we never would have realized our potential, strength, willpower, heart, soul...

Everything happens for a reason. 

Sickness, injury, love, failures, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of our souls.

Without these disturbances and inconveniences, our lives would be smoothly paved roads. These roads would be simple, easy, enjoyable, even...but ultimately they would lead us nowhere. These roads are safe and comfortable, of course...but devastatingly unsatisfying.

The bumpiest rides at Disneyland are the most fun, anyway.  

Every single person we relate to has the ability to affect our lives. The successes, the failures...the people we encounter and build relationships with will inevitably help us create ourselves and help us become who we will become. The positive influences in our lives are essential and key--but what about those that hurt us?

Those that show us unconditional love and then suddenly leave our hearts in peril and distress?

Those that backstab us?

Those that mock us? Betray us? Destroy us?

Those are the most poignant.

Forgive that person who hurt you or broke your heart, for they have given you experiences, feelings, growth, and love galore. They have helped you learn about trust and being cautious to who you share your love and time with. 

Some moments that we take for granted may never be able to be experienced again. 

These trying experiences that hurt us to the point of physical pain--these are the experiences that matter most in our lives. These are the moments that every moment of our lives until that point are tested, and it is up to us to be strong enough to keep going.

Everything absolutely happens for a reason. Do not fight these things that happen to you--do not ask why-- because in the end whatever is meant to be will be.

Take a deep breath and take it one moment at a time until your heart heals and you can reflect on that moment and realize how very critical that pain was. 

The future is always brighter. Better things are coming for you. And one day, I promise, things will all make sense. 

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